Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*insert bad word here* ...

Come November 1st ... my pumpkin stuff comes down ... and my Christmas stuff goes up. YES ... I am one of "those people" that completely by passes Thanksgiving. I do not give it the time of day when it comes to decorations. No pumpkins ... no ears of corn (are there even decorations that are ears of corn???) ... and no pilgrims. None of it. I go straight for the tinsel ... garland ... and snowmen. I. LOVE. Every. Single. Bit. Of. It. I enjoy putting up my Christmas stuff ... and once September rolls around ... putting up my Christmas stuff is all I can think about. It makes our house feel "homey" and "Tis the Season" type thing. Then ... December 24th rolls around ... and all I can think about is that factor that I have to take it all down in just a few days. *pouty face* I would keep up the Christmas stuff if people would not think I was weird. You know ... kind of like that "crazy cat lady" that has 85 cats that lives down the street. Yeah ... that lady. I do not wanna be known as the "crazy garland lady". So ... down it comes the day after Christmas (or the day after that). ... and here it sits. ... because I am to tired to pack it all away and put it in the garage. ... because I have been trying to organize this darn house with the ba-ZILLION new toys that these 3 very spoiled ... I mean ... dearly loved children received this past Christmas season.


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