Friday, December 10, 2010

I just heard on the weather report ...

... that Friday, Saturday & Sunday's forecast is happy with a chance of amazing! Hope everyone has I great weekend ... cause I know I will be having an awesome one! Clint & I are finally leaving town and gonna celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was back in September ... but live did not allow us to slow down enough to get to celebrate such an important moment in our lives. On a side note. A special little thankyou needs to go out to my Momma. Without her agreeing to watch the kids when Clint called her back in September ... we would not be able to leave town. Unfortunatley ... when Clint decided to plan this little shin-dig ... and do a surprise weekend get-a-way for me ... we had NO IDEA that it would be a weekend full of obligations for the kiddos. Between the basketball game, dance competition and the gymnastics meet ... I am surprised my Mom did not turn and run the other way. Or ignore my calls when she saw my name on caller ID. Or change her phone number all together. Or put "return to sender" when she got my cards in the mail. Or hit the delete button when I emailed her. Well ... you get the point. So thankyou Mom! You are the best! I am also very thankful for my sister volunteering to participate in the "weekend chaos" that my kids have going on. She would do anything for my children ... and I am so grateful that she is taking time out of her weekend to help Grammy J. out in the hussle and bussle of all the activities. As my daughter, Breeanna, says ... Peace out!


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