Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a "deep" conversation ...

Clint and I are donating some toys this Christmas to the Toys For Tots drive that goes on every holiday season. I then suggested we take the kids to the store ... and let them pick out a toy to donate as well. So in the process of all of this conversation ... Eythen chimes in ... and says that he wants to buy a toy ... for himself. So we started to have the "deep" conversation about how some kids do not have toys ... or a home to live in ... or a Mommy and Daddy to tuck them in at night. In the process of trying to "explain" such a deep conversation in kindergarten terms ... Breeanna says: "Kind of like how somes people have hair ... and some people do not have hair." Uhh ... not really the point we are trying to get at. But ... whatever.


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