Monday, December 6, 2010


It is official ... Eythen is trying to set a school record on getting the most "yellow days" any kindergarten kid has ever received in once school year.

The girls have YET to get in trouble at school ... and move their color ... with the one exception of Harleigh.  When she was in 1st grade she got a colored moved because "her brain forgot to remind her what the rules were at recess" ... Yes ... she seriously said that.  Can't really get mad at a kid when they tell you that one!  Bree ... is in the 4th grade and has never once been in trouble ... never ... not once ... nope ... not at all.

Eythen on the other hand ... is a big fan of the color yellow obviously. 

** Green is what each kid starts off with for the day
** Yellow means that you "forgot" to be good or do what you were told.

Let's just hope he never has to move to another color ... which are blue and red.

** Blue ... Mommy will have to have numerous bottles of wine with dinner 
** Red ... Mommy and Daddy are no longer in the running for parent of the year


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