Sunday, November 7, 2010

Month to be thankful ...

With the past two years ... and everything Clint and I have been through ... I needed to bring myself back to the positive and remember everything in our lives that we have been blessed with.

So ... I decided to make a list of things that I am thankful for. 

In no paticular order ...

1.  I was blessed with 3 of the most amazing children.  They keep me grounded, remind me to stop and smell the roses and to appreciate the little things in life.  Because of these three little people ... I laugh daily and learn something new from each of them.  I am thankful for Breeanna's nuturing spirit.  I am thankful for Harleigh's kind sole.  I am thankful for Eythen's love for life.  I am not sure what I did along the way ... to deserve such funny, beautiful, kind and down right awesome kids ... but there is not a day that goes by that I do not thank the man above for it.  Thank you God!

2.  I’ve made some mistakes in my life ... but one thing I did get right was marrying the coolest boy I ever met.  He is my very bestfriend.  He makes me smile when I want to cry.  He loves me for me ... even when I have PMS.  He is my #1 fan and loves me unconditionally.  He is still the reason I draw those silly hearts on my paper ... even after 10 years of marriage.  He works hard to provide for our family ... and never thinks twice about it.  He is amazing ... and I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did 10 years ago.  Our marriage is strong and we are a team.  Without him ... there would be no me.  Together ... him and I ... make perfect sense. 

3.  When the batteries die in a noisy toy and they mysteriously disappear.

4.  Naps!  Awww!  I love a good 'ol nap.  I always have ... and I always will.  I must admit though ... there was nothing better than a "mid morning nap" during my college years.  Those naps were the best.  Unfortunately ... that normally meant I missed class (sorry Mom and Dad) ... but staying up EXTREMELY late while dancing (and perhaps drinking) at the bars ... and then getting up early to make it to class was tough.  *wink*

5.  A good bowl of potato soup.  Well ... let me repharse that.  A good bowl of my Mom's potato soup. 

6.  HyVee bakery taking a last minute cake order for my daughters birthday.  I was CERTAIN I could pull off making a darn cake.  The photo in the magazine looked so simple.  I guess not ...

This was not the cake I attempted to make for the birthday party ...
this was just one of the many other attempts of me trying to "bake". 

Which leads me to the next thing I am thankful for ...

7.  I am thankful that Clint has not left me for someone else that can cook.

8.  My children's school.  Eudora Elementary has the most amazing people in it.  From the custodian that saw me trying to carry ump-teen bags and boxes in for the PTO ... and came out to the parking lot to help me.  To my son's kindergarten teacher not pulling her hair out over the little nuts case of a son that I have. 

9.  Dryer Sheets.  Not only do they prevent my laundry from electricuting me ... but I use them to wipe down Harleigh's head every time she is getting out of the car to walk into school.  Otherwise ... she would have hair standing on end by the end of the day.  Trust me.

10.  I am thankful for the factor that I did not have to pass College Alegebra in order to become a Mommy.  Otherwise ... I would still be trying to take that darn class.

11.  I am thankful for the most amazing family EVER!  My sister and I are so darn lucky to have the coolest Mom and Dad EVER.  Not to mention ... I am even more blessed to have the coolest sister EVER.  I would NOT be whom I am today ... without them.  From my Mom's ability to know just when I need a phone call ... to my Dad's ability to know what is wrong with my car when I deminstrate the "noise" it is making over the phone ... to my sister and I sharing the same stupid sense of humor.  I would be lost without them.  Even though were are all nutty every now and then ... they are my mixed bowl of nuts and I would not trade them for the world.

12.  I love my life ... though it is not perfect ... at least I am with the people that I love the most.

13.  My children have Grandparents, Aunts and Uncle's and God Parents ... that love them as much as I do ... and would do ANYTHING for them.  There are no words for a wonderful feeling like that.

14.  Dr. Pepper.  Clint has beer ... I have Dr. Pepper.

15.  KANSAS JAYHAWKS BASKETBALL ... enough said!!!

16.  Taco Bell ... enough said!!!

17.  Surviving the past two years.  Clint and I have had one thing after another thrown into our path over these past two years ... but what I can TRUELY say is that I am THANKFUL for our HEALTH, HAPPINESS and having a roof over our heads. 

And trust me ... we wondered if we were gonna have a roof over our heads back in February of 2009 ... with the whole we sold our house-moved-the buyers (AKA: Mr. and Mrs. Roper ... and YES I am still a bit bitter with them.)backed out the day before closing-we move back 1 week later-they try to sue us for the earnest money-we can not take the crap anymore and give them back the earnest money-I cry awhole bunch-Clint moves ALOT of boxes AGAIN-our kids have no idea which place to call home-we live out of boxes for weeks upon end.  *sigh* 

18.  Reality TV.  BUT ... only the cable net-work ones.  I would list all of the ones that I DVR ... but then you all would think I am even more nuts than you already do.  So ... we will just say that my DVR is set every night with 1 (or 2) (or 3) (possibly 4) (very seldom 5) reality tv shows to be recorded.

19.  Sonic ice.

20.  Sonic styraphome cup (even though it is not "eco-friendly" ... it still makes my Dr. Pepper taste so much better than a Casey's cup).

21.  Red straw from Sonic.

22.  Setting up my Christmas Decorations once Halloween is done.  Yes ... I am "one of those people" that set mine up way early.  But it just makes the house feel all cozy and warm with it set up.

Breeanna when she was 6 years old.
 23. Lip Gloss ... and lots of it.

24.  That Facebook is on 24/7.  I visit that place many many many many late nights when the husband is snoring so loud that Japan can hear him.

25.  Sweatpants.  Man those things are comfy!

26.  The color PINK!

27.  Hot PINK roses.  LOTS of HOT PINK ROSES!!! 

Speaking of HOT PINK ROSES ... it sure would be nice to get some roses every now and then.  It has been awhile since my husband got me flowers.  I would annouce to the world, Clinton, just how long it has been since you even got me flowers ... but I won't do that.  There is no reason for me to tell anyone that it has been nearly two years since a live flower has crossed pathes with my hands ... and no ... the center pieces from Janet's wedding do not count, husband of mine.

28. My bestfriend Hilary. The only person that is allowed to go near my nightstand if something ever happens to me.

29.  Ugg boots ... Nike tennis shoes ... flip flops.

30.  Boxed Wine ... oh yeah!  We are totally classy in this house!

31.  Target.  I. Am. A. Target. Whore.

32.  Vitamins.  The whole vitamin world is a new found passion of mine.  If you have a problem ... google it ... and some vitamin will cure your problem.  Trust me! 

Which leads me to the next thing I am thankful for ...

33.  Google!  Can't live withough it.  Although ... sometimes I need to avoid Google all together ... especially when I have convinced myself that I am dieing of some form of rare disease when all the while I just started off Googling coloring sheets for Thanksgiving to print off for the kids.

34.  Those "golden arches" on a Monday evening ... when I am driving back to Eudora ... after Harleigh just got done with gymnastics.  See ... on Monday nights I have 3 kids that are about to faint in the back seat because they are so hungry ... and I have exactly 30 minutes to get back home, feed them and get out the door so I can drop off Eythen at basketball practice.  Then I have to drive to the dance studio to drop Breeanna off for hip hop class ... drive back to pick up Eythen ... then drive back to pick up Breeanna.  So when those Golden Arches from the McDonald's sign start glowing in a distance on a Monday evening ... and the clouds part and the angels start to sing ... you better believe that I am thankful for McDonald's saving me the hassle of trying to cook dinner in the middle of all the chaos. 

35.  I am thankful for the swimming pool having a cheep family pool pass in the summer.  Not only is it affordable ... but it gives my kids something to do for the afternoon ... and I do not have to hear "I'm bored" for about 3 hours.

36.  I am thankful that my parents no longer have dial up on their computer.  It took forever to even check my email when I went to visit.

37. I wish I could say that I am thankful for LOST ... but they took my show away.

38.  I am thankful for Rapid Release Tylenol on a day that I have a killer headache.

39.  A night at the Embassey Suites alone with Clint.  Yes ... I said alone.  Now move on.

40.  I am thankful that Eythen has his own TV and DVD player in his room ... so I do not have to watch Thomas the Train day in and day out ... each and every day.

41.  I am also thankful that Clint and I have a TV in our bedroom ... so I have a place to go when that darn football is on day in and day out ... each and every day.

42.  When Clint gets to work overtime.  Cha-Ching!

43.  I am thankful when gas is below $2.50.  Even though I would be even more thankful if we could get below $2.00.  Fat chance ... I know.

44.  Flipping my pillow over in the middle of the night ... and it is cold.  Awwww.

45.  The way Silver Jeans make my butt look AHHH-MAZING!  Every woman should at least try a pair on ... trust me ... you will walk out of the store with a bag in our hand ... and a pair of Silver Jeans in that bag.  AHHH-MAZING!!!

46.  If you know me at all ... you KNOW that I can NOT live without my hoodie's!!!  Once Fall hits ... my hoody sweatshirts come out.  I am so thankful for comfy hoodie's!

47.  I am TRUELY thankful for the chance to become a S.A.H.M.  It has been a life changing experience for me ... and I hope it has been the same for my kids as well.  From the moment I had Breeanna ... all I wanted was to stay at home and take care of her.  Unfortunately ... it was not in the cards for our family when we lived in Emporia.  But once Clint got offered a job out of town ... the "dream" was finally in reach.  I love each and every minute of it.  Are there days that I wanna pull my hair out ... sure.  Are there days that I feel unworthy because I do not bring home a paycheck ... sure.  Are there days that I miss adult conversation ... sure.  But the moment one of the kids smile at me ... or I hear a giggle ... or they hug me and tell me how much they love me ... or when they are sick I do not have to worry about calling into work ... or when they have a class party I do not have to take a vacation day ... or just simply sitting down with them and having lunch makes all the other "stresses" vanish.  I heart being a S.A.H.M.

48.  Text message ... how else am I suspose to let Clint know that he needs to turn down the tv when I am upstairs in bed?

49.  Chi Straighting Iron ... unfortunately mine broke about a month ago.  But I sure was thankful for that thing for the 5 years that I had it.

50.  My pretty pretty Yukon ...


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