Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get your game face on ...

My middle daughter, Harleigh, has never cared for sports.  And when I say never ... I mean since she was a wee little tike at 3 years old. 

We attempted to put her in dance ... but she told us ... point blank ... that she would rather pretend to be a ballerina than go to class. 

*waste of money* 

We put her in soccer at the age of four ... she informed us multiple times that her feet get too tired when she ran. 
She was more interested in singing "Head-Shoulders-Knees-and Toes" at the top of her lungs ... in the middle of a soccer game ... while she was standing in the middle of the field. 
She even got so bored once ... when she was goalie ... that the next thing Clint and I knew... Harleigh is walking away from the net she is suspose to be guarding ... and picking dandilions. 

*waste of money*

She would use the words, "Let's get out of here" anytime we took her to a KU football or basketball game. 

*waste of money*

So ... when basketball season rolled around last month ... and it was time to sign Eythen up for basketball ... we were SHOCKED when Harleigh asked us if she could play basketball as well. 

Clint and I reminded her that she would be running ... ALOT. 

That no matter how tired her knees got ... or her feet hurt ... or her body wanted to sit down ... she still had to play. 

The little turkey was all for it.  She wanted to give it a whirl and shoot some hoops. 


She is so very excited ... and I personally can not wait to see what comes out of the season. 

Eythen is ALL "get your game face on" and competitive.  The kid HATES to loose!  HATES IT!   H.A.T.E.S. I.T.!!!  I saw him throwing elbows left and right the other night at basktball ... in hopes of keeping kids away from HIS basketball.  Clint would have been so darn proud ... me on the other hand had visions of him getting fouled out in the first 2 minutes of the game. 

Harleigh ... she is the kind hearted sole of the family.  Not so much of a "get your game face on" type of kid.  More of a ... "Do you like my new basketball shoes" type of kid.  So ... this basketball season will be an eventful one for the Moore family.  One of my kids may get kicked out of the league for most fouls ever called on in one game ... and my other kid might wanna skip the game completely and go straight to the snack they are given at the end of each game.

P.S.  Last night, as Harleigh was leaving for basketball practice she said: "I am gonna score a lot of goals tonight!"  Uhhh ... wrong sport there, Harleigh. When I told it was "baskets" not "goals" ... she shrugged her shoulders and said: "it's all the same as long as it goes in."


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