Thursday, October 14, 2010

Football time ...

Well ... Clint officially took two of our kiddos "to the dark side" ...

AKA: They enjoy watching football as much as Clinton does.  They will actually beg and plead with Clint to take them to a KU football game ... most importantly ... opening game day ... every single year.

Yeah ... well ... I guess if he is taking two kids to the football games are a few things on the bright side for me:

1.  I get out of going to my "once a year" "good wife duty" KU football game.

2.  No more sitting for 4 hours ... staring at the score board ... watching the time clock slowly tick away.

3.  I no longer have to tailgate 19 hours before the game starts ... no that is NOT rounded up by a few hours.  My husband would tailgate 4 days before hand if life in general would not get in his way.  You know ... the normal things ... work, sleep, being a parent ... his wife.

4.  No more shaking my head in disbelief when Clint gets sloppy drunk ... while he is tailgating 19 hours before the game.  See ... if Clint has the kiddos with him ... that means he has to wear his "Daddy hat" to the football game ... not the "Rowdy-Drunk-I Can Say What I Want-When I Want-Where I Want-Because I Wanna Hat" to the football game.  Responsibility ... it is a great thing.  Boo-yah!!!

5.  This babysitter is off duty!  I do not have to be sure my husband is "safe and sound" when he has had "just a few" beers ... while we tailgated those 19 hours looooong before the game, during the game, during half time and after the game. 

You see!!!  There are soooo many more bonuses for me NOT going to the game and Clint taking Breeanna and Eythen to the game.  Can you see the silver lining???  I sure do!!!

6.  I no longer have to pee outside ... in some strangers yard ... next to a building ... while someone "stands guard" ... because we have been tailgating 19 hours.
7.  Unfortunately ... I do miss the smell of tailgating in the air.  The zillion people that will walk by your "tailgating area" (aka: someone elses yard that you paid $30 to park in/pee in) and say "Rock Chalk" as they chug down their beer as fast as they can.  Waving the wheat as KU scores a touch down.  Getting the free gift as I walk into the stadium.  And having fun ... only if KU is winning ... with Clint.  If they are loosing ... I would rather hitch hike home than be in the car with him ... for that very long 20 minute car ride.

Wait ... shhhh!!!  You can not tell Clint that I just said that I will "miss" apart of a football game.  That is just between you and me.  If you tell him ... I will pleed the 5th and deny ... deny ... deny.

8.  But then I suddenly have a flash back to ... being so darn cold that my tears were freezing to my face.  My butt killing me from the stupid benches.  Sitting in the car for an hour after the game waiting to slowly attempt to leave your parking area ... along with a zillion other people doing the same thing.  OH!!!  And of course ... there never being enough room to even sit half the time in those crowded bleachers.  That brings me back to reality really fast.

Two very important reasons that I am glad two of the kids share the same passion for football as their Daddy does ...

9.  Clint getting some quality time with Breeanna and Eythen ...

10.  Harleigh and I going shopping while they stare at a football field for hours upon end.

Opening game day ... 2010


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