Monday, October 18, 2010

Eudora PTO ...

Every year the PTO collects Box Tops for money to go towards Eudora Schools ... and every little bit makes a difference.

Here is a video done by the Eudora PTO ...

Please take a moment and view this link ... today ... tomorrow ... and anytime through November 15th. Everytime it is viewed ... Eudora Elementary School has a chance to win one of 10 - $500 prizes!

Take a second to check it out. I think it turned out great!

From a proud member of the PTO ... Jill

P.S.  If you ever happen to have any extra BOX TOPS that you are not sending somewhere else ... send them our way.  My kids make me buy any food that has BOX TOPS on it ... and since I am not the best "chef" around and McDonalds does not seem to have any BOX TOPS on the chicken nugget meal ... that means I cook alot of Hamburger Helper.  I. Am. Tired. Of. Hamburger. Helper.


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