Saturday, October 16, 2010

Digging for treasure ...

Clint had a BBQ at the park for his soccer team today ... to thank the parents for their dedication and the kids for their hard work. 

During the BBQ ... at some point in time ... Eythen thought it woud be a BRILLANT idea to "bury" his soccer medal in the sand.

We pack up the leftovers ... say goodbye to everyone ... load up the kids ... and not once did Eythen mention that he no longer had his soccer medal.
We come home ... and I begin to unpack all the food and drinks ... and then I told Eythen to take his soccer shoes and shin guards upstairs and put them away.  As he was heading up the stairs ... I asked him where he put his soccer medal.  He turned around and said ... "I don't have it anymore." 


Where in the world is it?!?!?! 

He informs me that he buried it in the sand at the park.  It is now a buried treasure for someone else to find. 


Did I seriously just hear you right?!?!?!

YOUR soccer medal!!!  The same medal that we will forever remember you received for scoring SIX goals this season.  THAT MEDAL?!?!?!  THAT MEDAL ... is no longer in your posession?!?!?!? 

All I could do was shake my head. 

We use to say that Harleigh lived in her own world at times ... but I am pretty sure that Eythen lives in his own universe!!!  Only Eythen would bury his soccer medal ... in the attempt to become a pirate or something.

So we load up and head back to the park in an attempt to "find the hidden treasure". 

Clint gets over to the sand area of the park ... and is in "sand shock".  There is just a huge sea of sand everywhere.  This darn medal could be anywhere. 


*shaking head*

*shrugging shoulders*

*trying really hard not to laugh over this whole situation*
*shaking head again so Eythen "knows" we are upset with him*

*biting lip so I do not start to laugh*

*i think I just peed my pants a little from laughing so hard*

So Clint askes Eythen what area did he "bury the treasure". 

Eythen replies with ... "That's easy! I made a big "X" in the sand where I left it."




We should have known!!! 

"X" marks the spot!!! 

Why didn't we think of this first?!?!? 


Sure enough ... the darn medal was under a large "X" that Eythen had made in the sand.

Only Eythen ... ONLY EYTHEN!!!

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  1. Kallan (my 9 year old daughter) came home with a very impressive medal the other day. A track and field medal from 1962. What the heck?

    A girl at school had been handing out these medals to her friends.

    Her Grandpa gave them to her, and said they were "hers, forever."

    Which she understood to mean hers to give away.


    Called the mom of this little girl and arranged to return the medal.

    Silly children.


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