Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sick Germs ...

Is it possible ... that since I got the "sicky germs" that all 3 of my kids just got done with ... that I got it 3 times as bad and it will last 3 times as long? Seriously ... I am ready to pass the "sicky germs" on elsewhere.

Any takers? Clint? Pretty please?

I think I am gonna try this in the next few minutes.

I am gonna go and touch Clint on the arm ... and say "Your it" ... while running away ... crossing my fingers ... and screaming "No touch backs!".

It works when someone else is trying to give you someone elses cooties.  I mean ... you just simply cross your fingers and say "Nope!  I have my fingers crossed!  Na Na Na Na Na".  Surely it can work for "sicky germs" as well.  It is worth a shot.

Your it Clint!


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