Friday, August 20, 2010

Cleaning ...

The cleaning fairy let me down today.  So the next time I see her ... I am gonna shove that glittery wand up her a**.

So ... I guess that leaves me to do all the cleaning. 

Unfortunately ... all I have cleaned so far is the power button on the computer.

Oh well!

A messy house ... is a clean house. Well ... that is until someone drops by without a warning ... then you are being investigated by the SRS on being a "fit" parent.

BUT ... I have the perfect explanation for that SRS employee (whom has never had the honor of trying to keep a house clean-when you have 3 kids-that are like mini tornados-that blow through a room at any given moment-WITHOUT a tornado siren going off-to give you any warning what so ever).  You simply say ... Trying to keep a clean house when you have kids ... is like trying to shovel snow in a snow storm. It is just not gonna happen.

So here is my "To-Do" List for the Day:
1) Laundry
2) Vacuuming
3) Contemplate Running Away 
4) Dishes.

When you are cleaning ... do you ever get that "deja vu" moment?  I sure the hell do!!!  Does anyone else???  I mean ... come on ... I dust, I wash the dishes, I do the laundry and six minute later ... the kids have made a mess and I am having to do it all over again. 

Speaking of cleaning ... the keyboard is dusty.  Hold on while I ... cle'a]n t6he' ke]yb29oa;rd.

There ... much better.

OH!!!  On a side note ... I am not sure if I ever mentioned this before ... but I HATE trying to fold those STUPID fitted sheets!  If you can fold a fitted sheet ... you're obviously a wizzard or something.  Maybe even a ninja.

Well ... it is off to a place where no one should ever go alone.  That's right ... it is time to go and clean Eythen's room.  If no one hears from me in 5 hours ... alert the National Guards ... I might need some major backup with this task.


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