Monday, August 23, 2010

Nighty Night ...

There is a reason why Breeanna and Eythen always get paired up together when someone has to share a bed ...

... and this is the reason why.

The two of them are impossible to sleep next to.  They will hit you, punch you, kick you, roll on top of you, sit up and start talking to you, stand up in bed-step over you-and move to the other side of the bed, snore, cuddle to with you to the point of suffication and flat out lay on top of you.

So ... when Daddy was way this past weekend ... and we had a "slumber party" downstairs (Yeah ... we vegged out with junk food and watched movies till all hours of the night.  Don't be jealous) ... Breeanna and Eythen got the "honor" of sleeping on the pull out couch ... together. 

Harleigh and I waited till they were fast asleep (and on top of each other) and went up stairs and slept in my bed.  Quietly.  On our own half of the bed.  Without being disturbed through out the night.

But ... as always ... just like every other night since we brought them home from the hospital ... I whispered to them.
I'll love you forever ...
I'll like you for always ...
As long as I am living ...
My baby you'll be.

Love you Breeanna, Harleigh and Eythen.

Nighty Night.


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