Friday, August 20, 2010

Man on the moon ...

If we could put a man on the moon ... then why can't we put all the dip shit parents that harm their children on the moon as well.  And leave them there???

I just heard on the news about the "Mother" (I put that in quotes ... because I do not truely feel that she deserves the honor of being called Mother) in DeSoto ... that locked her 6 year old son (who had Down Syndrome) in a small unfinished attic ... and went on with her life ... with her other two children ... like there was not a problem in the world.  HUH?!?!

No one was sure how long the starving little boy might have been in the sweltering, small, unfinished attic before the police discovered him ... among the insulation and ceiling joists.

The boy was said to be fragile and malnourished.  The news said, that he was so thin that his bones showed.  (Poor kid!!!)

This woman is ... well ... ummm ... I do not even have a word for this lady honestly.  I am not sure that there is a word out there to describe how I feel about her at this very moment. 

She sure does not deserve the honor of being called Mom, Mommy, or Momma EVER again!  That is for darn sure! 

For crying out loud.  There are so many loving and caring people out there that so badly want to have a child to love and protect.  These people want to have the honor of being called Mom, Mommy or Momma ... or Dad, Daddy or Dadda.  Then this lady just puts her son in an attic and acts like he does not even exist.  It does not make any sense. Give me the little guy ... I will love and protect him from horrible people like this woman any day. 

All of those that think this "lady" should be locked away in a sweltering small, unfinished attic until she cries "Uncle" ... say "I".  Those apposed ... well ... You do not get a vote because your vote is the wrong one.  So there.  *stomping foot*


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