Monday, August 2, 2010

Is there a Plan E or a Plan F in life???

What do you do when there are no longer any other options - Plan A and Plan B failed - you tried absolutely everything - your tired of being the bug on the windshield - curling up and crying in the fetal position makes you look stupid - Plan C and Plan D are a joke - your umbrella broke do to the factor that when it rains it poors - you wanna vomit at the thought of making anymore lemonade with all the lemons you have been handed - you always seem to grab the short end of the stick - no matter how fast you doggie paddle you can not seem to keep your head above water - you keep hitting every bump along the road - you wanna run over that darn black cat that keeps crossing your path - your tired of always coming in last place - the world seems against you along with Saturn and Jupiter too - your are getting really dizzy from all the twist and turns - drinking your sorrows away is just gonna put you in AA - Plan E and Plan F bombed - and you are tired of always taking two steps backwards???

Well ... I had that kind of weekend. 

I will tell you what I have came to realize over time though ...

Tough times are put into our lives for a reason.  THEN ... when we have an amazing time later on ... we will be able to really-truely-whole heartly-without a doubt-no questions asked ... appreciate it to the fullest! 

AND!!! Might I add!!! There are moments, like today, that I STILL have to remind myself of this. 

Always remember that everything happens for a reason.

And sometimes you just have to take a step back and take a deep breath.

Or ... you could always request the doctor to heavily medicate you.

To each their own ... it is your choice of course.

Peace out Homies!!!


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