Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Clinton ...

Another year has came and gone ... and my wonderful husband is another year older.  (aka: which means he has more gray hair growing in ... which I think makes him look oh so sexy.  *wink*  *wink*)

But ... since it is Clinton's birthday ... I wanted to take a moment to let him know just how much I love him ... and how wonderful I think he is.

So here are the top 25 reasons I think Clint is the most amazing husband that God could have ever have blessed me with.

25.  He supports my shopping habit!!!  With an added bonus of:  He watches the children as I single handedly delay our family's financial future for a few cute outfits for the kids ... OK a lot of cute outfits for the kids ... some KU gear ... maybe a new purse for myself.

24. The man knows his way around a grill.  If you have ever had my husbands food ... wether it was grilled or smoked ... then your mouth is watering as you read this blog.

23. He has the most amazing hair ... and has blessed Breeanna and Eythen with the same curly hair.  Sorry Harleigh ... you got Mommy's head of hair.

22. When I have had a tough day with the kids he lets me talk it out until I run out of gas.  He then suggests we sell them on ebay.

21. He leaves HIS job at 3:30 and comes home on to help ME with MY job.  As long as this does not included doing launrdy, putting away clothes, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, picking up the kids room or making dinner.  Well ... ok ... he did pick up Eythen's room the other night for me.  OH!!  And he did do the dishes a few weeks ago.  Opps.  My bad.

20. He sits back until I give him the "look" and then he swoops in and rescues me from a sure death of 3 children vs. Mommy.

19. He tells me that he loves me each and every night before we go to bed ... followed by a kiss.

18. He ignores my juvenile behavior and patiently waits for me to get over myself at times.  P.S.  I do the same for him.

17. He tells our daughters that they are beautiful ... daily. 

16. He take great pride in coaching our son's soccer team each and every season ... and really enjoys doing it.

15. He vacuums the second floor so I don't have to carry the vacuum up the stairs.  After all ... I have been known to fall down those freaking stairs a time or two.

14.  He works hard!  He is the first one to work ... and the last one to leave.  He volunteers for overtime ... and goes out of his way to put his best foot forward.

13. He is very handy.  The man could build anything, at anytime, for anyone with anything.

12. He will take my car and fill it up with gas and run it threw the car wash.  Now ... do not let this quality fool you with #13.  He is clueless when it comes to fixing a car.  BUT ... on a side note ... if I tell him that there is a problem with my car ... he will call the auto mechanic FIRST THING in the morning.

11. He is really brave.  He kills those very large spiders that make me scream in a really high pitch voice and take off running until I can leap up onto the couch.

10. He makes me laugh. A lot.  (AND ... he laughes at my jokes!!!  That right there ... is a MAJOR BONUS!!!)

9. He has a smile that can brighten up my day ... even when the clouds are really thick and heavy on that certain day.

8. He is ferociously protective of his family and always puts us first.

7. He is extremely loyal to his friends. As in, he’s been best friends with the same guy since 7th grade ... and would go to bat for any of the guys that have made the "best friend list" since the 7th grade.

6. He is bootylicious.

5. He listens.  Well ... at least I think he is listening.  Granit ... the TV is on ... and he is staring at it in a trance ... but I am 75% sure he hears me.  Make that 50%.  Uhhh ... well ... Do you hear me at all Clint???

4. He is wicked smart.  Not many men could stand in an isle at the Gap ... and add up the price tags of all the items I have in my hands ... followed by taking 30% off ... and still tell me that I need to put a few things back.

3. He encourages me in every positive thing and steers me away from every negative thing.  And when I say "steer me away" ... I actually mean ... shoves me at full force so I go flying across the room to avoid any negative things that come into our life.

2. He is an even better father than I expected, and I fully expected him to be great at it.  But ... there are times that I just sit and watch him with the kids ... and wonder how I ever got so lucky to have such a wonderful Father for my children.

1. He has been married to me for almost 10 years (this September 23rd ... but who is counting) and is still my best friend, my favorite dance partner, the first person I go to with any kind of news (good or bad), the hottie I want to make mad monkey love to, and the man I want to grow old with.
Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! I love you, Clint Moore!

Always remember that a birthday is just the first day ... of another 365-day journey around the sun. So enjoy each and every trip.


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