Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Papa Gene:

Dear Papa Gene:

I would like to bring it to your attention that you have created a ... well ... I am not really sure how to describe the situation that is going on ... every single day ... in the Moore house.

Ever since you were "in charge" of Eythen ... the morning of Janet's wedding.  He suddenly thinks he is part cowboy part farmer.  I am not sure why he would think this???  It might possibly be due to the factor that you took him to a store and he walked out looking like this ...

On a side note ... I would like to state that the FIRST THING he asked for the morning after the wedding ... was if he could put on those cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  Needless to say ... there was NO convincing Eythen to take them off ... as we went into McDonald's ... to grab some breakfast that morning either.  It was a battle that I was DEFINATELY NOT GONNA WIN.

Just when I think that my only battle with him ... is wearing his cowboy boots and cowboy hat to the grocery store ... with his cut off shirt and soccer shorts.  I get another surpise sent my way. 

Pape Gene ... you decided to send your sweet 'ol grandson (whom has you wrapped around his finger ... not once ... not twice ... but multiple times) a pair of overalls. 

Now ... I would like to say ... he sure does look cute in them. 

BUT ... it is not such a "cute" thing when you ask your son to go and try on his first day of school outfit.  And he comes down looking like this ...


I kind of had other "outfit options" in mind for such a big moment in his life.  I was thinking more towards this ...

His second day of school oufit that HE wanted to wear ...

The second day of school outfit that Mommy TOLD him that he was gonna wear ...


So ... Yes Papa Gene ... Eythen thinks he is half cowboy and half farmer.  He is certain he is gonna be joining you on the combine when harvest time rolls around.  Please remember though ... that the little sucker knows if you really have that combine on and cutting the beans ... or if you are just trying to "trick him" and take him for a casual cruise up and down the field. 

Nothing gets by little E-Man.


He also notified Clint the other night ... that he needed the phone to call Papa Gene.  When Clint asked him why ... he stated that he needed to tell Papa Gene that he needed a belt and belt buckle to go with his cowboy hat and cowboy boots.  We refrained him from dialing your number that night ... but please note ... that I did warn you when you answer your cellphone one afternoon and hear that cute little voice on the other end say, "Hi Papa Gene!".

I would also like to point out that the girls ... well ... they are in love with cowboy boots now as well.  Except ... they are adding their boots to their outfits in a different type of "style".  They are going more for the Rock-N-Roll look.

Can I just throw in an extra photo of Breeanna? 

Well ... I am not sure why I am asking.  Duh!  After all ... it is my blog.

Can I point out that she looks like she is 9 going on 19!?!?!?!  *sigh*

So there you have it Papa Gene.  You have 3 adorable ... boot wearing grandchildren! 


Heel, toe, docie doe come on baby let's go boot scootin.  Oh, Cadilac black jack, baby meet me outback we're gonna boogie.  Oh get down, turn around go to town boot scootin' boogie.

P.S.  When Eythen does come down the next time to cut beans with his BFF (that would be you, Papa Gene) ... I am gonna be sure that he wears his boots ... no matter what ... no matter where you go ... no matter what you do ... no matter what he wears.

FYI ... Eythen asked if he could borrow my camera ... and this is the photo that he took.
A photo of his beloved ... boots.
Not his beloved Mommy ... but his boots.


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