Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marking his territory ...

When Breeanna was in kindergarten ... she began a bad habit of sleep walking.  One time ... I could not sleep ... and just happened to be sitting in the living room when I noticed Breeanna walk to the back patio door ... open it up ... and take a step outside. 

Thank goodness I had a snoring husband that night.  Who knows where she would have ended up. 

I asked her what she was doing ... and she replied with ... going to the bathroom. 

Needless to say ... the following day ... Clint came home with extra locks for the doors.  We put them on all the doors to where she could not reach them if she tried to get out.

Breeanna no longer sleep walks ... but has turned to talking in her sleep.  She will have a full on conversation with someone ... and talk about some ODD things!  A purple horse that played with her beach ball was the topic of conversation one evening.

Breeanna has now passed the "torch of sleep walking" onto her little brother, Eythen.  And let me tell you ... I hope he passes it onto some else REALLY SOON!  Perhaps someone in his kindergarten class?  A stranger at the grocery store?  Someone on his soccer team?  The kid that is screaming at Target because he wants a candy bar and his Mom said no?  Anyone ... as long as he no longer does it.

Eythen does not just sleep walk ... the boy pees at the most random places in the middle of the night.  He "thinks" he is in the bathroom ... because if you happen to catch him peeing somewhere ... that does not have 4 walls with a toilet, sink and bathtub in it ... he will look straight at you and say, "Close the door.  I am going to the bathroom, Mommy."

I know what you are thinking right about now.  Where all has Eythen decided to pee at in the middle of the night?  Well ... let me fill you in on that ...

He has peed on the bathroom rug THREE TIMES. 

I have bought a new rug ... and then a few months later ... I bought another one. 

And now ... after last Thursday ... I will be buying another rug for the bathroom floor. 

He has decided to "tinkel" in the hall closet.

His closet.

The kitchen floor.

Next to the computer table.

And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST ... the foot of my bed!!!

I am begining to think that the boy is marking his territory!!!


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