Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is supper done yet???

How many times does it take to cook supper before it is edible?

Well ... if your name begins with a Jill and ends with a Moore ... the jury is still out on this one.

Last night ... I ruined dinner!  There is no If, And's or But's about it.

Capital R - Capital U - Capital I - Capital N - 'ed!!!


Ok ... It is OFFICIAL!!!  This just proves that I am NOT Betty Crocker ... maybe I am more like Betty Crocker's second cousin on her Dad's side that was adopted ... "Betsy Crocker" (sounds like a logical name.  we will stick with "Betsy Crocker").  She always rode the short bus to cooking school.  You know ... she was not the sharpest crayon in the box.  Well ... "Betsy Crocker" ... can you save me a seat on the bus tomorrow morning?

I was in the middle of making a recipe on the back of a Velveta Shells and Cheese box (I know ... shouldn't be that hard right???  think again!!!) when I realized I forgot to pick up milk and sour cream ... which the recipe called for.

I also forgot bread, cheese and cereal while I was at the grocery store TWENTY MINUTES PRIOR.  But ... I DID walk out with 3 extra large blow pops ... which were not on the list.

So ... I called my faithful husband and asked him to grab it on his way. 

Unfortunately ... an hour later ... Clint came pulling into the driveway ... with my milk and sour cream that I needed for the recipe.  It kind of slipped my mind when I called him ... that he works an hour away from home now. 


Note to self:  Do not call your husband at 5:30 and ask him to bring something home ... unless it is McDonald's.   

Of course ... I know what you are thinking!  Why didn't you just run back up to the grocery store?  Thanks for the suggestion and all ... but where were you at 5:45 yesterday when my "master piece" was begining to shrivel up and die?  I could have used the input then ... because the thought never freaking crossed my mind ... until I was calling Clint at 6:50 asking him where he was. 

Darn hour drive from work in the evening! 

*stomping foot*

GREAT!  The rest of my ingredients are here.  Onward with dinner!  Just a guess ... but I am thinking that if I just add the milk and sour cream to the "mixture" ... that has been sitting there ... for an hour.  It should be just fine!What could go wrong?  What the heck!  Let's fo for it.

SHIT!  Dinner is ruined!

Breeanna ... go tell your Dad that dinner is ruined.

Breeanna goes flying up the stairs hollaring, Daddy! Mommy just ruined dinner.

Breeanna comes flying down the stairs and said, "Dad said the same thing you did."

Which would be what Breeanna?

You told me not to say bad words, Mommy.

Oh yeah!  Daddy must have said SHIT!  Dinner is ruined!

Yep!  That is exactly what he said.

My "pot-of-goodness" was just sitting on the stove staring back at me.  It somehow turned out to be this large pot of floating hamburger with macoroni shells bobbing up and down ... in a large puddle of milk that was a slight shade of orange. 

Clint looked at it and said, "What were you trying to make?  Soup?" 

I could not help but laugh over that one.  Soup!?!?!?!  It was suspose to be more like a "caserol" ... at least that is what the picture on the back of the box looked like.  But what was staring back at Clint and I ... was nothing like what was on the photo on the Velveta Shells and Cheese box.

"Very runny beef stroganoff?"

*sigh*  The guesses just keep getting better and better dear husband of mine.

I decided to "hide" the photo of what was on the box from Clint.  The photo would have just caused mass confusion anyways for Clint.  He would just have said ... you went from this (pointing at the photo on the box) to that (pointing to my soupy bowl of disaster on the stove) ... so we will just save that area of embarrassment ... and elimate the viewing of the photo.

Sounds good to me!!!

Now what?  Crap!  It is already 7:19 and my kids have not had anything to eat yet.  Not unless you count the numerous bags of fruit chews and the extra large blow pops that the 3 munchins suckered me into buying as we went into the grocery store (and then I forgot to get 75% of the stuff on my list).

SPAGHETTI!!! YES!!!  One of the few things that I can make!!! 

This time ... Clint did not leave the kitchen.  I think he was secretly "monitoring" the spaghetti making that was happening at record speed.  Better be safe than sorry ... and then really really really hungry.

So ... Clint and the kids got to eat ... minutes before it was bedtime.

And they lived Happily Ever After ...


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