Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When can we go back ...

Today Harleigh asked me when could she go back to Gram's house. 

Yes, Harleigh decided to start calling my Mom ... Gram.  Gram ... who was formly known as Grammy J ... suddenly became Gram over Spring Break.  Harleigh informed me that it is "just easier to say" and "sounds cuter".

She then went on to tell me that: "Even though Gram lives out in the "middle of no where" (yes, that is what Harleigh considers Parsons Kansas).  I like to go there.  She is nice and does alot of fun things with us.  Gram and Papa Gene let us eat what ever snacks we want to."

Oh lordy be!!!  How could I even begin to compare to the snacks that are found in the "middle of no where".  Shoot .... even I like to visit my parents because of all the goodies that can be found in/on the cabinet. 

So for now on ... I am referring my parents house as the IHOT ... Internation House of Treats.  Kind of like IHOP ... well ... actually it is alot like IHOP.  Eythen is always convincing my Mom to make him pancakes every day for breakfast.


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