Monday, February 8, 2010

A Sneak Peak Into A Mommy's Life ...

Why is it when I go to the grocery store ... I seem to pick up that one cart that does not go straight and makes so much noise that the people 4 isles down can hear me coming?

"Mom!"  "MOOOOOM!"  "What???"  "MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!" "WHAT???" 

"Yes, Mommy!  I understand."  But 5 minutes later they have no memory of what we just went over.

Hey Mom! Look at this!....Mom look!...HURRY!....MOM!!!.......Great, you missed it.  *pouty face*

I do not understand what draws kids to hide under the clothing racks at stores?  Are the stores secretly putting plates of cookies under there or something?  If so ... I wanna hide under them, too!

Why is it that I can ask my kids to clean their room ... but 30 minutes later when I come up the stairs not one single thing has been touched ... and they flash me this look of  "Oh crap ... she's back already?!?!?!"

"Mom can I have ... "  "Go ask your Dad."
"Dad can I have ..."  "Go ask your Mom."  I think Clint and I have done this on more than one occasion.

Why is it everytime Clint and I go out to eat ... the kids want what I order ... but never what Clint orders?

The famous ... "Why?"  Need I say more?

When exactly were kids taught that chicken nuggets are what they should eat for every meal?  Because I seemed to have missed that memo.

I think every Mom needs a shirt that says:  "This Mommy needs a Wine Time Out".

Somedays I feel like I need a switch that I can flip and a big flashing light goes off in our house and it reads: Mommy is off Duty ... Please go see your Dad.

Sometimes I debate with myself on if it is "OK" for the kids to run to the car without a jacket.  They are just going from the house to the car.  Hmmmm ....

Why am I the first one up ... but the last one done ... and of course it is when we are rushing to get out the door to be somewhere?!?!?!

I secretly thank God when I am standing in line at a store and the person in front of me has the child throwing a fit ... "Thank You God for it not being me."

Is it normal for me to want to give another child a piece of my mind ... when that child made MY kid cry because they were rude to them? 

Who invented those "kid leashes"?  A part of me thinks they are a genius ... a part of me thinks they need to be locked up.

I often wonder what is going through my kids head when Clint or I say, "Come here, NOW!"  Are they scanning their brain for everything they knew they should not have been doing?  Or are they secretly thinking "Great ... Not again."  Or are they wondering how long this will take so they can get back to what they were doing?

Is it odd that on the cartoon, Dora the Explorer, Swiper the Fox stalks a little girl?

On the Nickelodeon show Max and Ruby ... where exactly are their parents?  Why is Ruby always in charge of 3 year old Max?


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