Saturday, February 6, 2010

safety first ...

Clint has been working really late hours lately ... and no matter what house we live in (and we have moved plentey ... trust me) ... I never feel safe when he is not home. 

So ... I think I came up with a solution to cure my "scared-e-cat" "curled up in a fetal position" "heart skipping a beat with ever noise I hear" "freezing in what ever position I am in if the dog barks" situation that I live in some evenings.

I am gonna put 6 dead bolt locks on the front door.  Except I am only gonna lock every other one.  That way ... the person trying to break in ... is always locking one even if they just unlocked the one prior.  They will get so confused that they will just finally give up and go elsewhere.  (Sorry neighbors ...)

The only problem is ... how will Clint ever get in the house when he finally comes home after I long day at work?  He wont know which ones to unlock.  Opps.  That is a problem.  Hmmm ... I guess I have not thought that part through quit yet.  Well ... Uhhh ... Hmmm ...

Until I get all of the kinks worked out ... I guess I will either have a sky high electric bill because I have on every light in the house.  Or I will continue to sprint up the stairs after I shut off all of the downstairs lights ... for fear that the boogey man is two steps behind me.


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