Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grow Up With Reading ...

This year the Eudora Elementary students had a chance to create a bookmark for the school library. Each kid took home a blank bookmark and then had the option of drawing something on it to be entered in the school competition. Each grade was competing against itself. A few from each grade would win the competition. If your bookmark was one of the winners from your grade ... then they would make copies of your bookmark and other students could take one and color it when it was their class time in the library. Well ... Little Miss Harleigh Jene's bookmark won for the 1st graders!!! They blew up her bookmark and she got to go into the library and color it ... so it could be displayed on the wall in the library. Then they made copies of her bookmark, put her name and grade on the back of it, and hers are proudly sitting on the library tables in the Eudora Elementary School along with the other school winners.


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