Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time to snap some photos ...

Breeanna Nichole
Eythen James Harleigh Jene
The Lawrence Park is a perfect place to take some photos of 3 adorbale kiddos!!!
This ended up being my all time favorite. I think it is perfect in every way!!!
Breeanna 8 years old, Harleigh 6 years old and Eythen 4 years old
This was our "little cliff" that we sat at and looked at the boats at Clinton Lake.
8 going on 18 in a blink of an eye ...
This little man has stolen my heart ...
ONLY Harleigh would do this!!! Do you notice that Lucy is buckled up??? Harleigh told me that Lucy needed to be safe as well. ONLY Harleigh!!!
Our annual photo that we take of the kids every year. This pose just never gets old in my eyes.
Last Saturday, I decided to play "photographer". I had bought these great white outfits for the kids LAST SUMMER, but never put them in it to have their pictures taken. Lucky for me ... my girls are short and tiny ... so their outfits still fit at the end of this summer. Although Eythen ... aka: the boy that grows like a weed ... his would not even have came close to fitting. So we had to make do with what he had in his closet and make him a model in training for the day.
The 5 of us had a great time taking the photos ... and laughed alot along the way. We even went over to Clinton Lake and spent some time watching the boats. When we pulled into one of the entrance to the lake, of course their is a big sign that says "Clinton Lake" ... Breeanna instantly says, "Mommy, there is the name that you call Daddy all the time." haa haa While we were on the little cliff watching the boats on the lake ... we all decided that we wanted to buy a boat and become lake bums every summer season. Breeanna was certain that she had enough money in her purse to help us pay for at least half of the boat. How thoughtful, but unfortunately I do not think her $80 will come close to paying for a boat. Harleigh told Clint that she wanted to be on a boat right now. He asked her if she wanted to go camping, also. She said yes ... until she realized that camping meant sleeping outside in a tent. She then looked at Clint and said, "How about I go on the boat, but when you guys go to the tent, Mommy and I go shopping and sleep in our beds." Like Mother like Daughter!!!
After having to pry the kids away from the little cliff that over looked the lake ... getting a boat got pushed up on our "hope and dream" list that Clint and I secretly day dream about together.
Mission number one: Staying clean for the WHOLE afternoon in all white clothing. Mission number two: Getting at least one good picture that I can blow up and frame in my living room. Mission number three: Being sure the kids have a good afternoon and enjoy themselves. All in all ... I will have to say ... Mission complete!!!


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