Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I saw one ...

Last night there was suspose to be a meteor shower that you were suspose to be able to see really well around 2:00 am. Well ... 1:00 rolled around and I decided to wake up the girls and see if they wanted to go outside and look for "shooting stars" with me. So we grabbed a few blankets and head outside to the back yard and made a nice little bed on the trampoline. Harleigh was on one side of me and Breeanna was on the other. Just me and my girls ... then suddenly ... all 3 of us pointed up to the sky and screamed "I saw one". The girls were just floored and I honestly was surprised that we saw one. It was a big one, too.
Soon, we decided to pick up the blankets and go to the front yard and look there. There are no houses blocking the view from the front of our house or street lights ... so I thought we might be able to see another one. This time, I thought I would try to get Clint and Eythen to come out. I turned on the hall light and went to wake up Clint first. He was in such a deep sleep that he pointed to the ceiling fan and asked me to turn off the light (no light was on in the bedroom). So I went into Eythen's room and picked him up ... because I knew he would not get out of bed any other way. We crawled into the back of Clint's truck, layed some blankets and pillows down and all piled ontop of one another trying to lay down. Eythen put his head on my chest and asked if he could go back to bed ... so 3 minutes later ... Eythen headed back inside and went to bed. Like Father like Son.
The girls and I stayed in the front yard until about 2:00 and saw a few more. They were just little ones ... they did not seem to go to far ... nothing like the first one. Soon we headed in to get some water and take a potty break ... then we went back out at about 2:30 for a few more minutes. This time Breeanna saw 3 right off the bat and Harleigh saw 2 of the 3 that Breeanna saw. I of course ... was looking the wrong way and did not see them. Although, I did see 2 more while we were laying in the back of Clint's truck, cuddled next to each other under my pink fuzzy blanket, giggling at random things.
We finally decided to call it a night and head back in. As we were picking up the blankets, I told the girls to never forget this moment because I would not forget it. Harleigh looked at me and said "It is kind of hard to forget the fun things that are stuck in your brain." I could not have said it better than my 6 year old. She then informed me that the perfect place to see shooting stars would have been Papa Gene and Grammy J.'s farm. I told her that it would have been nice and dark there and we probably would have seen some more there. She looked at me and said "Well, it is also in the middle of no where so shooting stars can be seen in the big sky." (Yes, Mom ... you still live in the middle of nowhere according to Harleigh.)
As we were walking in, I whispered to each girl that I loved them and I heard Breeanna whisper "Good Bye Stars. Thanks for showing us the really big one in the back yard. Nothing beat that one."


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